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Data Science Mega-Course: #Build {60-Projects In 60-Days}

Data Science Mega-Course: #Build {60-Projects In 60-Days}

Duration : 52 hours

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the full product workflow for the machine learning lifecycle.
  • Master Machine Learning on Python
  • Have a great intuition of many Machine Learning models
  • Make robust Machine Learning models
  • Real life case studies and projects to understand how things are done in the real world
  • Learn best practices when it comes to Data Science Workflow
  • Build a portfolio of work to have on your resume 

In This Course, We Are Going To Work On 60 Real World Projects Listed Below:

Project-1: Pan Card Tempering Detector App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-2: Dog breed prediction Flask App

Project-3: Image Watermarking App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-4: Traffic sign classification

Project-5: Text Extraction From Images Application

Project-6: Plant Disease Prediction Streamlit App

Project-7: Vehicle Detection And Counting Flask App

Project-8: Create A Face Swapping Flask App

Project-9: Bird Species Prediction Flask App

Project-10: Intel Image Classification Flask App

Project-11: Sentiment Analysis Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-12: Attrition Rate Django Application

Project-13: Find Legendary Pokemon Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-14: Face Detection Streamlit App

Project-15: Cats Vs Dogs Classification Flask App

Project-16: Customer Revenue Prediction App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-17: Gender From Voice Prediction App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-18: Restaurant Recommendation System

Project-19: Happiness Ranking Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-20: Forest Fire Prediction Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-21: Build Car Prices Prediction App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-22: Build Affair Count Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-23: Build Shrooming Predictions App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-24: Google Play App Rating prediction With Deployment On Heroku

Project-25: Build Bank Customers Predictions Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-26: Build Artist Sculpture Cost Prediction Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-27: Build Medical Cost Predictions Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-28: Phishing Webpages Classification Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-29: Clothing Fit-Size predictions Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-30: Build Similarity In-Text Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-31: Heart Attack Risk Prediction Using Eval ML (Auto ML)

Project-32: Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Pycaret (Auto ML)

Project-33: Flight Fare Prediction Using Auto SK Learn (Auto ML)

Project-34: Petrol Price Forecasting Using Auto Keras

Project-35: Bank Customer Churn Prediction Using H2O Auto ML

Project-36: Air Quality Index Predictor Using TPOT With End-To-End Deployment (Auto ML)

Project-37: Rain Prediction Using ML models & PyCaret With Deployment (Auto ML)

Project-38: Pizza Price Prediction Using ML And EVALML(Auto ML)

Project-39: IPL Cricket Score Prediction Using TPOT (Auto ML)

Project-40: Predicting Bike Rentals Count Using ML And H2O Auto ML

Project-41: Concrete Compressive Strength Prediction Using Auto Keras (Auto ML)

Project-42: Bangalore House Price Prediction Using Auto SK Learn (Auto ML)

Project-43: Hospital Mortality Prediction Using PyCaret (Auto ML)

Project-44: Employee Evaluation For Promotion Using ML And Eval Auto ML

Project-45: Drinking Water Potability Prediction Using ML And H2O Auto ML

Project-46: Black Friday Sale Project

Project-47: Sentiment Analysis Project

Project-48: Parkinson’s Disease Prediction Project

Project-49: Fake News Classifier Project

Project-50: Toxic Comment Classifier Project

Project-51: Language Translator App Using IBM Cloud Service -Deploy On Heroku

Project-52: Predict Views On Advertisement Using IBM Watson -Deploy On Heroku

Project-53: Laptop Price Predictor -Deploy On Heroku

Project-54: WhatsApp Text Analyzer -Deploy On Heroku

Project-55: Course Recommendation System -Deploy On Heroku

Project-56: IPL Match Win Predictor -Deploy On Heroku

Project-57: Body Fat Estimator App -Deploy On Microsoft Azure

Project-58: Campus Placement Predictor App -Deploy On Microsoft Azure

Project-59: Car Acceptability Predictor -Deploy On Google Cloud

Project-60: Book Genre Classification App -Deploy On Amazon Web Services

Tip: Create A 60 Days Study Plan, Spend 1-2hrs Per Day, Build 60 Projects In 60 Days.

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