amazon AWS Data Analytics Specialty tests certification 2021

amazon AWS Data Analytics Specialty tests certification 2021

AWS Data Analytics Specialty  Exam: An Overview

AWS Data Analytics Specialty exam verifies the candidate’s expertise and technical skills and knowledge in outlining and implementing AWS services in status to obtain value from the possible data set. Also, It measures the candidate’s ability to administer AWS Big Data Services according to architecture applications. Further, the AWS BDS-C00 Exam is a Specialty level exam and it needs in-depth knowledge of data analytics theories.

Exam Details

Here, we are going to discuss some basic details about the AWS Data Analytics Specialty  exam. To begin with, the candidate will get 170 minutes to complete the AWS BDS-C00 Exam . Also, it will cost nearly 300 USD to a candidate and is available in the English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese languages.

Requirements for the Exam

  • Firstly, a minimum of 2 years of expertise in managing AWS technologies.
  • Secondly, at least 5 years of expertise in Big Data Analytics.
  • Further, significant knowledge and experience of working with AWS security systems.
  • Moreover, knowledge of how to obtain control to guard the data
  • Also, knowledge of AWS assistance and architecture, and how to integrate them with each other.
  • Nonetheless, the ability to create a cost-effective and scalable architecture to process data.

The AWS Data Analytics Specialty exam certifies technical skills and participation in progressing and implementing AWS assistance to derive value from data. Further, this is a difficult exam and requires the candidates to have at least 2 or more years of hands-on practice.

Abilities for

AWS Data Analytics Specialty exam

  • Implementing core AWS Big Data assistance according to basic architecture best methods.
  • Designing and maintaining Big Data.
  • Leveraging tools to automate data interpretation.
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