Wireshark Ninja | Mastering Real Wireshark PROALL|2023WSHRK+

Wireshark Ninja | Mastering Real Wireshark PROALL|2023WSHRK+

What you’ll learn

  • Fundamentals of network analysis and packet capturing.
  • Understanding the basics of protocols and network communication.
  • Installing and configuring Wireshark for capturing and analyzing network traffic.
  • Navigating the Wireshark interface and understanding its features.
  • Capturing and filtering network traffic using Wireshark.
  • Analyzing and interpreting captured packets for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Understanding common network protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, DNS, and more.
  • Identifying and analyzing network vulnerabilities and security threats.
  • Exploring different packet types, including Ethernet, IP, TCP, and UDP.
  • Performing packet-level analysis to detect network performance issues.
  • Analyzing network traffic patterns and identifying anomalies.
  • Extracting data and following network streams for forensic investigation.
  • Applying display filters and creating custom filters to focus on specific network traffic.
  • Analyzing network traffic in real-time and capturing live packets.
  • Working with Wireshark profiles and customizing settings for efficient analysis.
  • Understanding different capture options and configuring advanced capturing techniques.
  • Analyzing encrypted network traffic and decrypting protocols using Wireshark.
  • Troubleshooting network connectivity issues using Wireshark’s features.
  • Collaborating with other network analysts and sharing capture files.
  • Best practices for network analysis, packet capturing, and using Wireshark effectively.
  • Understand the fundamentals of network protocols and their functions.
  • Gain a comprehensive knowledge of the TCP/IP model and its layers.
  • Install and set up Kali Linux for ethical hacking purposes.
  • Configure virtual machines to create an ethical hacking lab.
  • Analyze the importance of promiscuous mode in network analysis.
  • Learn how switches work and their role in data transmission.
  • Explore the concept of Protocol Data Units (PDU) and their significance.
  • Discover the process of sending and receiving emails over the internet.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Wireshark interface and important shortcuts.
  • Capture and analyze network traffic using Wireshark.
  • Utilize Wireshark’s display filters to refine and focus on specific data.
  • Examine real-world network scenarios involving router communication.
  • Install Metasploitable to simulate vulnerable systems for testing purposes.
  • Display captured data effectively and leverage the available plugins in Wireshark.
  • Identify key concepts and tools used in network analysis and ethical hacking.
  • Begin using Wireshark display filters fo

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