VMware VCPC510 Certified Professional vCloud Practice Exam

VMware VCPC510 Certified Professional vCloud Practice Exam

Sample Questions

Q) What differentiates a private cloud from a v Sphere Infrastructure?

a) A private cloud requires pooled resources including storage and networking.

b) v Sphere Infrastructure assumes a secure location for the workloads.

c) v Sphere Infrastructure allows consumption of resources over open standards

d) A private cloud assumes the consumer will maintain their portion of the infrastructure

Q) Which component is the metering tool for v Cloud administration?

a) VMware v Center Charge back

b) VMware v Cloud Service Manager

c) VMware v Cloud Request Manager

d) VMware v Cloud Director

Q) What is the default VFAT scratch partition size for ESXi 5.x when installed on a USB drive?

a) 600 MB

b) 544 MB

c) 4 GB

d) none

Q) An administrator is unable to find network traffic details while running vCloud hierarchy reports. The network administrator confirms that there was network traffic during the report time span. Which collector is configured incorrectly?

a) v Center Data Collector

b) v Center Charge back Data Collector

c) v Cloud Data Collector

d) v Shield Manager Data Collector

Q) An administrator has scheduled a report to run at 8 PM nightly and has configured a number of recipients to receive the report. After the report runs, the administrator discovers that a link to the report was sent to the recipients, not the report itself. Why did this occur?

a) v Center Charge back cannot support attachments via email.

b) The report size was larger than the size limit configured for the SMTP server.

c) v Center Charge back was configured to send links instead of attachments.

d) The SMTP server was configured not to accept attachments.

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