Structured Data Handling Using SQL For Accountants.

Structured Data Handling Using SQL For Accountants.

the course consist of the sections below:

Structured Data Handling Using SQL:

– Discovering data entities.

Different database management systems exist in most companies and banks, the cycle of working with data, connect to Oracle servers , discover data entities and retrieve data using SELECT statement.

– Filtering datasets.

In this Section students will  learn how to filter data and restrict results  according specific conditions using where clause and logical operators.

– Transforming data on needs.

Data mining or working to discover and create data pattern require detailed knowledge of numeric and character functions that can be used in SQL, in this section all functions help to transform original data will be explained and run against database server for practice.

– Change data in where it lives.

– Summarize multiple data records.

– Joining datasets.

– Further joins of datasets.

– Apply business logic on data.

– Creating new data view and entity.

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