Gitting Started: Step-by-Step Git and Github Crash Course

Gitting Started: Step-by-Step Git and Github Crash Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to use Git to manage your project
  • How to collaborate with other developers using Git and Github
  • How to create commits
  • How to create branches and merge them
  • How to resolve merge conflicts
  • How to manage pull-requests on Github
  • How to tag commits using both lightweight and annotated tags
  • How to create Github releases
  • How to use various Git commands in the command line

In this course, we’ll use the terminal to:

  • create a Git repository
  • add commits
  • create branches
  • merge them
  • add tags
  • explore the history of your project
  • study individual commits
  • deal with merge conflicts
  • configure remotes
  • push to and pull from remotes

We’ll also use GitHub to:

  • create, review and merge pull-requests
  • create GitHub releases
  • browse through the code in different versions

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone new to Git
  • Anyone who interacts with the software development lifecycle
  • Anyone interested in managing historical versions of their project
Student feedback

Ahsan Khan – simple, concise and easy to follow. The course skips all the theoretical workings of git that are irrelevant and jumps straight to teaching by practice.

Glynda Finister – Great course. I am finding git and github extremely difficult to learn. I’m a newby trying to learn it with Atom, which is new to me too. I need to learn the remote section the most. I would recommend using a lighted pointer like the blue one you used to show exactly what url you are on – that’s what is confusing me, I can’t tell which url you are on. This is the 4th git/github course I’ve purchases, and I just bought 2 more. I’m stuck mostly on trying to learn the remote. Thank you.

Attila Zabos – From my point of view this is one of the more comprehensive and easy to understand introductory courses about git and github. The course gives a good overview of using git for day-to-day work.

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