Best Free Salesforce Lightning Courses – Learn Salesforce Lightning With Free Online Tutorials

Best Free Salesforce Lightning Courses

Do you want to learn Salesforce Lightning? Here we listed Best Free Salesforce Lightning Courses which will help you learn Salesforce Lightning, and are suitable for beginners, intermediate learners as well as experts.

Introduction – Salesforce Lightning Web Components

What you’ll learn

  • Build Lightning web components and use them to develop custom business requirements
Duration: 1hr 3min
Rating: 4.1 (306 ratings) out of 5
Trainer: Hirday Lamba

Salesforce Lightning 2020 – Certified Administrator – Intro

What you’ll learn

  • Organizational Setup in the Lightning interface, with 14 comprehensive in-depth exam relevant lectures.
  • Business use cases in conjunction with hands-on exercises on the Trailhead platform to collect points and badges.
  • Best practice guidance. Including checklists, flowcharts and diagrams. Free PDF downloads with over 45 pages for your daily reference on the job..
  • Full walk-through of the Salesforce Admin Certification Exam guide. Plus practical tips on how to prepare better.
Duration: 1hr 52min
Rating: 4.1 (14 ratings) out of 5
Trainer: Peggy Schael

Salesforce Lightning Development Sessions

Learn Salesforce Lightning Component Development

What you’ll learn

  • Learn all concepts of Lightning with a Live Project implmentation

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