English Grammar Practice Tests Level B1 2021

English Grammar Practice Tests Level B1 2021

How does this course help you?

6 practice tests; each test contains 25 questions.

  • 1st Test makes you assess tenses, Auxiliaries, Active Passive voice, and Reported speech.
  • 2nd Test is about different phrases including gerund, Infinitive, Gerund or Infinitive, Participle, and Relative Pronouns.
  • 3rd Test is about Prepositions, Comparison, Clause of Purpose, Causative and, Imperative verbs.
  • Test 4 makes you examine your capabilities in Linking words, Inversions, Questions and, Time Clauses.
  • Test 5 makes you prepare yourself with Adjectives, Pronouns, Singular, and Plural.
  • And, last but not least, Test 6 is about Definite Indefinite Articles and Preferences.

Who this course is for:

  • Students before English Level B1 exam
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