C++ Beginner to Advanced: Modern C++20 and Multithreading

C++ Beginner to Advanced: Modern C++20 and Multithreading

What you’ll learn

  • C++ Fundamentals: Grasp the core concepts including variables, data types, arithmetic operations, and basic I/O.
  • Design Your Own Types: Learn the art of defining custom types using classes, structures, unions, and enumerations.
  • Understanding Modularity: Organize and structure your code effectively using namespaces, source files, and headers. Introduction to C++20 Modules feature.
  • Dive into OOP: Get introduced to the world of Object-Oriented Programming in C++ and understand classes, constructors, member functions, and overloading.
  • Understand Essential Operations: Demystify copy and move semantics and lay the foundation for the Rule of Three/Five.
  • Harness the Power of Templates: Delve into generic programming with C++ templates, ensuring type safety without limitations.
  • Concepts (C++20) and Generic Programming: Dive deeper into ensuring type-safety at compile-time through concepts.
  • Explore the C++ Library: Get familiarized with the C++ Standard Library, from containers and algorithms to a multitude of utilities.
  • Strings and Beyond: Master string operations, string_view(C++17) and harness the power of regular expressions.
  • Familiarize with I/O Streams: Navigate the world of I/O streams for efficient and formatted input-output operations.
  • Container Proficiency: Explore powerful container classes such as vector, list, and map.
  • Algorithmic Prowess: Understand the nuances of how algorithms work with containers and iterators.
  • C++ Utilities: Equip yourself with knowledge on smart pointers, time/date utilities, and more.
  • Concurrency & Parallelism: Get started with the concurrent world of C++, learning about threads, tasks, and synchronization mechanisms.
  • 100+ coding exercises and assignments to immediately apply the learned knowledge.

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