2024 Bootcamp: Generative AI + LLM App Development

2024 Bootcamp: Generative AI + LLM App Development

What you’ll learn -27 hours

  • Keys to Artificial Intelligence and the new Generative AI.
  • Keys to LLM Applications, the highest potential applications of Generative AI.
  • How to create an LLM Application from scratch to professional level.
  • How to build the new Multimodal LLM Applications.
  • Opportunities and threats of AI for businesses, startups, and jobs.
  • How to manage LLMOps: Observability, Evaluation, Testing, Etc.
  • Professional opportunities opened by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Steps to become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer.
  • How to introduce Artificial Intelligence into your business.
  • Architecture of professional LLM Applications.
  • The RAG Technique (Retrieval Augmented Generation).
  • Artificial Intelligence Agents.
  • Basic and advanced LangChain, LangChain LCEL, and LangChain v010. LangSmith, LangServe, LangChain Templates.
  • Basic and advanced LlamaIndex. LlamaIndex Templates.
  • ChatGPT, OpenAI, OpenAI functions, and the OpenAI API.
  • Large Language Models (LLM): ChatGPT, Llama2, Mistral, Falcon, etc.
  • Vector databases: Postgres, Pinecone, Chroma, FAISS, DeepLake, etc.
  • Full-Stack Applications: Nextjs and FastAPI.
  • Professional deployment: Vercel and Render.
  • Provisional deployment: Streamlit.
  • Cloud hosting: AWS S3.
  • How to apply the principles of Responsible AI.
  • Daily tools of the AI Engineer: Jupyter Notebooks, Python, Terminal, Github, Codespaces, etc.

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