Learn CSS Animation From Scratch [2021]

Learn CSS Animation From Scratch [2021]

If you ever dreamed about using your creativity to build amazing web animations but you haven’t known how to animate your components in the CSS code, here is the chance to learn it and improve your skills. In this course, you are going to be learning how to create text animations, incredible buttons, 3d components, animated elements by using your imagination without using JavaScript codes.

Nowadays, being able to build a web site is not a sufficient way to land a job or create your own web applications. Even people who are not related to coding can create an ordinary web page with 10 dollars template or page maker tools. To call somebody’s attention, you should build more creative and fancier web pages. And using CSS animations is the best way to do it.

And the most important feature of this course is that it includes real-world projects. You will not learn only basic and no sense transform effects, you’ll learn really useful projects that you can include your web applications directly. And I believe that all these awesome projects will be an inspiration for your future projects. So, you will not improve your skills only, you will improve your imagination also.

You do not need to know JavaScript or advanced CSS don’t worry. If you know the basics of HTML and CSS, it is completely enough. After the course, you will be able to understand how these all amazing animations work and you will create your own projects without any help.

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