Learn AutoCAD 2021 3D Tools&Techniques

Learn AutoCAD 2021 3D Tools&Techniques

Course Contains:

1. Lectures

2. Examples

3. AutoCAD 3D Command List

4. Instructor Support

What this course covers?

  • How to create primitive tools – Box, Cylinder, Sphere, Wedge, Pyramid and Torus.
  • How to work with coordinate system
  • How to use solid tools such as Presspull, Polysolid, Sweep, Loft, Revolved
  • Editing tools such as: 3D Array, Mirror, Fillet, Offset, Taper, Move, Boolean operations, Section plane, Imprint, Copy, Convert to solid…
  • How to create different views: Detail, Projected, Section view, Orthographic view
  • How to work with mesh tools
  • Surface modelling and editing tools
  • How to apply material, set up the lights, camera, scene and how to render
  • How to create animation video of the product
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