Learn AUTOCAD 2021 2D Tools And Techniques

Learn AUTOCAD 2021 2D Tools And Techniques

Course Contains:

1. Lectures

2. Exercises

3. AutoCAD 2D Command List

4. Instructor Support

What this course covers?

  • All drawing tools for creating simple to complicated drawings
  • Status Bar functions – How to use them and what are they for
  • Tools for modifying drawings such as Trim, Extend, Mirror, Stretch, Chamfer and so on
  • How to create a Hatch and modify it
  • How to create different types of dimensions and how to create a multileaders
  • Singleline and Multiline text as well how to create a table and how to use a functions in table
  • Creating, using and modifying layers
  • How to create geometrical and dimensional constraints
  • Creating, modifying and using Blocks
  • What are attributes and how to create them and modify them
  • Attaching external references such as different drawing or a pdf file
  • How to create various viewports in layout
  • Working with pagesetup
  • How to create a title block and how to insert newly created and existing title block
  • Plotting from models space and layout
  • Creating sheets sets and publishing them
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