IELTS READING strategies & tips to learn practice & prepare

IELTS READING strategies & tips to learn practice & prepare

Find what you will learn in this course in more detail below:

IIn the Reading module, you will learn

  • Skimming and scanning techniques to save time and find the answer quickly in the text
  • Tips for how to answer all IELTS question types from True – False – Not Given to matching headings and multiple-choice questions
  • How to be sure you have chosen the correct answer
  • How to deal with long texts and unfamiliar vocabulary

Note: You don’t need to be familiar with the format of the IELTS test since this is something that is explained in the course.

Note: This is a strategy and techniques course to help you pass the IELTS test successfully.

Note: There is prompt availability for further questions about the course or for an explanation of any points relating to the material or about the IELTS test.

Note: This is preparation for the IELTS Academic test. The course can still help you prepare for the IELTS General test.

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